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LIFE QUOTE : “Sometimes the most effective way to dissolve something is to accept it.” - Elizabeth Hallowel
LIFE QUOTE : “I think that some people forget that friendships and relationships are not a service that someone provides, it’s a two way street where both give and get.” - Ignoble Savage
LIFE QUOTE : “My mind is lost, so now I must, go lose myself indeed” - abreezyblues
LIFE QUOTE : “I believe in peace. Only peaceful co-existence can ensure peace.” - Sheikh Hasina
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LIFE QUOTE : love, savagely
LIFE QUOTE : Kindness, wisdom, and love have become as rare as gold yet one is valued much more then the other....
LIFE QUOTE : there is no dream like falling into you
LIFE QUOTE : ““She wasn’t afraid of difficulties. What frightened her was being forced to choose one...
LIFE QUOTE : “Don’t be a poet. Be the poem.”

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